Macau Cat’s Paradise 澳門貓樂園

Lived in Macau for one year, if I have to name the most amazing place one has to see, definitely I will recommend Cat’s Paradise in Coloane!

我曾經在澳門短暫住過一年. 如果要我推薦什麼是澳門特有必看的地方, 我會推薦在路環的貓樂園!

Cat’s Paradise is a cat shelter run by ANIMA.  This center is relocated the end of last year from ANIMA’s headquarter at Ko-Ho- the other side of Coloane- in order to separate the overpopulated dogs and cats, and give both animals a better quality of life. Different from other animal shelters in the world, ANIMA does not execute animals unless few are painfully ill (average 3% of total taken animal population!) Plus no cages are seen in Cat’s Paradise to keep these cats. ANIMA builds this shelter as a open space with the maximum exposure to the big nature. Therefore, all cats can freely explore their most favorite corners, come to visitors to ask for a gentle touch with an ease attitude (this interaction is totally encouraged to help visitors understand better the cats here as ANIMA would like to minimize the returning of the adopted cases!) Even those handicapped ones live and breathe the same proudly as they are all equally well treated with respect here.

貓樂園是澳門愛護動物協會經營的貓咪收容所. 它是在去年底由協會在路環九澳的總部分遷出來的, 目的是為了讓被遺棄數量愈來愈多的狗和貓, 能被安置在各自適合的環境下, 過比較有品質的生活. 和世界上其他動物收容所不同的是, 除了針對少數因病入膏肓十分痛苦的動物外(每年大概佔協會內收容動物總數的3%左右,) 澳門愛護動物協會不採取人道毀滅. 另外, 貓樂園的設計是個完全開放的空間, 協會利用屋苑本身的條件, 盡量創造貼近大自然的環境. 這裡沒有牢籠圈住任何一隻貓 (除了小奶貓和生病接受治療的貓咪之外.) 幾乎所有的貓都可以隨意探索, 在自己喜歡的角落休憩. 協會也鼓勵訪客和貓咪互動, 盡量了解每一隻貓的個性, 以減少領養後又退回的機率. 因此當你釋出友善的態度時, 不多時所有的貓咪都會上前向你討拍. 在這裡也常見到傷殘的貓, 他們和其他貓被一視同仁對待, 因此, 你見不到他們眼中有任何的自卑或恐懼.

Putting myself in this context is always a good reminder for me to re-think of life. Having been working in an industry that always strives for creating the most beautiful things, sometimes it is easy to get lost in pursuing the outlook. However, when coming back to simplicity as such- watching how the staffs here taking care of baby kittens and sick cats with full passion and dedication, and how these cats enjoy the present and freedom regardless their sad stories, I can totally feel the respect and unconditional love to lives being the most beautiful experience in life. They sound noble yet the most basic as everyone can afford to give.

造訪像貓樂園這樣的地方, 往往會帶給我很多省思. 長期在一個追求美和光鮮亮麗的產業工作, 有時會迷失在追求事物的表面. 但當有機會回歸到一個簡單的環境, 看到貓樂園的員工如何盡心盡力地照顧小奶貓和生病的貓咪, 見到這裡的貓如何拋開過去的傷痛, 享受現下的自由, 我會充分感受到, 對生命的尊重和無條件的愛其實是生命中最美的經驗. 這聽起來像是高尚的情操, 但實際上卻是每個人都能給予的.

If this does not sound strong enough for you to visit Coloane next time you travel to Macau, well I believe the famous Andrew egg tarts plus a cup of rose coffee next door can do! That’s normally what I do after visiting Cat Paradise, and the package always makes me feel completed both spiritually and sensuously. You should try!

如果這些還不足以吸引你下次造訪澳門時去路環走走, 那麼我相信出名的安德魯蛋撻配上一杯玫瑰咖啡應該夠有力了吧. 這是我每次去貓樂園後的固定行程, 完成後每每都覺得身心五感都完整了, 人生再也無憾. 你也應該試試!

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