Fashion Puss 時尚貓奴一籮筐

I love cats. Everything with cats can easily put me on fire!

我是貓奴, 所以任何和貓有關的東西都很容易會讓我升火!

What makes it worse is that, I have two cat daughters. Since cats start taking over the fashion industry since 2016, I am totally vulnerable to this trend as emotionally I fall so easily by linking those fashion cats with my daughters. For example, the moment I saw this inspiration of Miu Miu Spring Summer 2014 in the fashion show, immediately I associated it with my daughter Mui Mui- well, you can imagine then how willing I was to empty my pocket for the merchandises.

更糟的是, 我有兩隻貓女兒. 自從2016年春夏, 以貓為靈感的設計攻佔時尚界之後, 我就更容易淪陷. 因為看到什麼, 都立即聯想到我女兒. 比方說, 繆繆2014春夏以這隻小黑貓為靈感, 發表不少商品. 乍見這隻小黑貓的剎那, 我只覺得是我女兒妹妹的翻版. 接下來, 你們可以想像, 我是多麼的心甘情願, 像個火山孝子般榨乾自己的荷包.

Doesn’t my Mui Mui look alike with this MiuMiu 2014 icon?

The Rising of cats in fashion


Cats perhaps start prominently to invade our wardrobe since Spring Summer 2016, however, they have always been featured in fashion designs and campaigns. The Watch & Jewelry brand Cartier being a good example- panther and leopard have always been the icons in the communication. I always joke that this handsome leopard below should be how my JuJu’s true father looks like for her inherited beautiful face.

以貓為靈感的設計, 或許2016春夏開始才明顯引領風騷 但其實一直以來, 貓科動物就是一些品牌愛用的形象或廣告代言. 比方說, 以珠寶和手錶著名的卡地亞, 在它每一季的廣告中, 一定有隻或可愛, 或威嚴的豹子. 2014年秋冬發表的下面這則形象廣告, 那隻英俊的花豹, 就被我肖想, 我大女兒啾啾的生父應該就是這副模樣, 如果不是, 怎麼啾啾會有這等絕世美貌呢.

There are also several famous cats in the fashion industry for their renowned owners. Choupette- Karl Lagerfeld’s cat- is for example the richest and the most posh one. She has her own Instagram (with 87K followers) and Twitter accounts, travels with private jet, being served by two maids, and even has her own biography “Choupette, the private life of a High Flying Fashion Cat.” She earned 3 millions in 2015, which is nearly as much as the famous model Cara Delevingne. She also has several jobs in advertising and was the icons for the limited makeup Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld. Now and then she is also the source of inspiration for clothing line of Chanel.

時尚界也有不少因主而貴的貓咪. 比方說, 卡爾拉格斐的舒霈就是其中最奢華也身價最高的貓. 舒霈有自己的Instagram和Twitter 帳號, 單是Instagram就有87,000個粉絲追蹤她. 她出入搭私人飛機, 有兩個專用的傭人全天伺候, 還出了一本由卡爾拉格斐親自操刀的寫真集: “Couchette, the private life of a High Flying Fashion Cat.”  2015年她賺了三百萬歐元, 接近以粗眉聞名的名模Cara Delevingne的年薪. 她也拍廣告, 植村秀更有一套和卡爾拉格斐合作的限量彩妝以她為主題, 而當卡爾拉格斐在設計香奈兒商品時, 更不時會以她為繆斯.

This cat-inspired trend continues in this Fall Winter. They are everywhere: from all kinds of accessories to T-Shirt and Knitwear.

這季秋冬, 貓貓將會繼續霸佔時尚舞台. 他們會全面攻佔許多品牌的各類飾品, 服裝, 包包和鞋.

Look for the strong personal statement in this Fall Winter? Let’s meow it out loud!

想在這季秋冬創造個人特色嗎? 來放膽喵一下吧!

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