Check Please! 來點格紋吧!

Plaid is always in style when it comes autumn. The checkered pattern has an even bigger, and more creative, come-back in this fall winter. They dominate the catwalk:

格紋一向帶有濃厚的秋冬味及復古感. 今年秋冬, 格紋強勢回歸, 全面攻佔時尚舞台, 各品牌幾乎都看到格紋設計:

Take over the social media pages of celebrities and fashion bloggers:


Not to mention that they are omnipresent now in all fast fashion shops!

Despite my being always highly interested in fashion trend, I kind of hesitate to fully embrace this brave plaid invasion. It is easy to look old-fashion in a plaid blazer if one does not have a good coordination in styling and color (also I believe a heritage checkered blazer only looks chic on a person with certain strong character!); or to resemble a lumberjack- not the sexy type- in a casual check shirt. However, again, the style mostly depends on not what you wear rather how you wear. The same piece can elevate a modern outfit with just the right amount  of cozy ruggedness. If you would like to have a taste of this seasonal trend yet hesitate to invest in big pieces, here is some creativity you could apply right away with your plaid items in the wardrobe.


雖然我個人對各季流行時尚興趣濃厚, 常抱著躍躍欲試的態度, 但對於復古格紋卻有些卻步.  我認為, 要把格紋穿得有型, 需在整體造型和顏色的搭配上下功夫, 要不然, 一件復古格紋大衣上身, 如果又缺少自信的加持, 很容易看起來老氣橫秋; 而簡單的格紋襯衫就這麼隨意一套, 很可能看來像伐木工人(呃, 我不是指性感的那種..!) 話說回來, 衣服本身無罪, 通常釀成悲劇的是你怎麼穿戴. 透過精心搭配, 一件格紋單品, 能讓你穿出略帶慵懶粗獷的迷人時尚感.  不過, 如果你擔心格紋不好駕馭, 猶豫在本季添購新品, 有一些方式, 能讓你利用衣櫥裡現有的格紋衣著, 同樣搭配出強烈帶有這季秋冬的時尚味.

1. Use plaid shirt as an accessory to spice up the look: wrapping around waist is my all-time favorite. It adds sporty and cool vibe to the look. What better is that it becomes handy when the temperature drops!

1. 將格紋襯衫綁在腰間, 像飾品一樣點綴你的整體打扮: 這是我個人很愛的造型方式, 它不但創造出一種毫不在意的隨性態度, 更讚的是 ,當天氣變冷時, 還可以即刻取下穿上.

2. Pair a plaid piece with something in opposite character create a fresh personality: a casual plaid shirt/dress with leather vest or leather pants looks cool, with faux fur looks bohemian sexy; a plaid wide-leg trouser with a feminine top is just cozy and chic effortlessly!

2. 將格紋單品搭配不同質材或個性衝突的衣著, 就會自然流洩一種不經意的時尚感: 比方說, 一件休閒的格紋襯衫或洋裝, 搭配皮背心或皮褲, 會有種酷酷的態度; 搭配假皮草, 營造一種波希米亞式的性感; 一件格紋寬褲搭配極度女性化的上身, 輕鬆展露一種舒適的時髦感.

3. Layering to let the check peek out of your top or embellish your plain outfit with a tartan scarf: just a little fabulous and not too much.

3. 利用多層次搭配將格紋當作亮點展示, 或者打一條色彩鮮豔的格紋圍巾點綴單色衣著: 有時只要一個小亮點, 效果更勝費心的花枝招展.

4. Check on check or with other bold prints- very strong statement especially with a confident attitude.

4. 段數高一點, 交相搭配不同格紋, 或用格紋搭印花圖紋: 這是非常大膽卻吸睛效果極佳的搭配方式, 前提是本人要夠自信才行

The plaid trend will continue in the coming Spring Summer 2018.  So check in yourself now!

格紋在剛剛結束的2018春夏時裝伸展台上仍將繼續扮演重點角色, 所以, 現在就來加入格紋人的行列吧!

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