Between Effort and Effortless Style 心機時尚

It has been easy to be seen stylish if one looks polished, elegant and on-trend. Nowadays, however, another subtle requirement appears to be stylish: the style must also seem effortless!

過去只要你的造型簡練, 優雅並走在時尚尖端, 就稱得上有型. 但現在, 對有型的定義多了一些要求, 那就是既要看來時髦, 還得不費力.

So what does effortless style means? Here are some looks I find on the internet. Somehow the effortless style becomes the OOTD (outfit-of-the-day) uniform for off-duty models, celebrities, actors/actresses and bloggers!

什麼叫做不費力的時尚感呢? 以下是網路上的一些例子. 顯而易見, 現今這已成為許多時尚名模, 名人, 演員和部落客日常穿搭的標準風格.

To be honest, do you really believe that these looks can be done 5 minutes right after they get up from bed? Of course not! Despite being effortlessly chic seems that you spend a minimal amount of time and the point is to look relaxed and comfortable, it does involves efforts behind. Of course, cool people can easily convey this attitude even if they wear potato sacks. Yet we have to admit that not everyone is born cool, and you cannot fake cool- you either are or you are not! Given that, the good news is, having an effortless style is still possible for everyone if one spends just the right amount of effort with a good focus.

說實話, 你真相信以上這些看似隨興的造型, 可在起床後五分鐘內搞定嗎? 親愛的, 當然沒這回事囉.  雖然這種風格確實要傳達一種可在最短時間內打造出的悠閒舒適感, 實際上要做到, 還真得花些心機和時間設計. 當然啦, 明星名人通常本身就有一定的條件, 所以就算穿麵粉袋也還是酷又有型. 但不幸的是, 我們這些佔多數的芸芸眾生, 大多不太酷, 因此如果只是想全盤照抄名人穿搭, 抄得不好就淪為東施效顰.

The successful formula is, start with what you are and just learn to create ONE highlight on top. All the effortless styles are about an attitude. The key to the relaxation and comfort on the look is mostly from how the wearer feels- not so much about whether the style itself is casual or dressy. Therefore, whether what you wear matches with your lifestyle and personality becomes important. On top, simplicity plays the magic to the “not-trying-hard” impression. Here are some tips to create the highlight- they work for both men and women!

話雖如此, 想成功打造這種隨興風格, 還是有些技巧可循. 關鍵在於, 得在適合你的穿衣風格上創造亮點, 而且只要一個就夠了! 這些看似不費力的時尚感, 其實都在傳達一種閒適的態度, 這種態度完全反映穿衣者本身真實的感受, 而不完全在於衣著樣式本身有多休閒或正式. 所以, 你的衣著是否真實反應你的生活型態和個性, 其實很重要. 除此之外, 保持簡單就能保有一定的不費力感. 以下是一些男女通用的例子供你參考.

Accessories master


Never underestimate the power of accessories- fashion jewelries, scarves, hats, suspender…etc. They easily elevate your plain outfit- no matter how dull they are!

千萬不要低估飾品的威力, 不管是項鍊戒指, 圍巾, 帽子和褲吊帶, 都能輕易讓簡單的衣著變得有趣.

A bit contrast from textures, patterns and colors spices up the total look

利用不同材質 線條或顏色創造衣著上的小衝突感

Shoes and bags are the easiest and the most effective accessories to create fun color contrast (thank god that sneakers are so on fire now, which makes things much easier!)

Otherwise, check or stripe shirts/tops are my most favorite- only let it out a bit and here comes a highlight.

當你穿著簡單款式和顏色的衣著時, 搭上顏色鮮豔, 風格活潑的鞋和包, 是最簡單卻最有效的亮點. (而且現在球鞋大流行, 到處都有趣活潑的設計!)

另外, 我個人也很喜歡用格紋和條紋襯衫或上衣做多層次穿搭, 只要露出一點點, 立馬提升整體有型度.

Personally I always tend to dress monochromatically especially in fall winter for the comfort. Different textures and length create dimension to the look.

有時單色衣著能給我一種安全感, 因此, 秋冬我特別喜歡單色風格. 選擇不同質地或長度的同色衣著搭配, 可以創造一種很棒的層次感.

A little imperfection adds charm


A piece of ripped denim, loose hair or mustache naturally contribute to your careless attitude.

撕破的牛仔單品, 刻意打造有點蓬鬆凌亂的髮絲和小鬍子, 讓你的隨興感看來簡直渾然天成.

Fresh faced


The cleanliness and freshness of the face and hair determine the quality of your look. Cleaning and moisturising on your face and body are the ground work- for both men and women.  Remember details make the big difference- if you’re effortless chic or sloppy!

整體看來是否乾淨清爽, 細節決定你外型的氣質. 特別如果想打造這種不費力風格, 不管男女, 都更要花時間做好個人的清潔和保濕. 這些打底的工作沒做好, 恐怕表現出來不是時尚, 而是邋遢.

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