Unforgettable Charisma 風情萬種

I just realized that I’ve spent a very french week last week!

暮然回首, 發現過去這一週我過得還挺法式的!

First of all, I had a great salami-cheese-red wine evening with my french classmates talking about French songs, movies and culture. Prior to that, I saw three French movies during the Hong Kong French film festival. Like the storyboard or not, I have to admit that it is totally a pleasure to watch those charming French ladies in the films.

先是某一天我和一起學法文的同學們, 度過一個充滿燻腸, 起司, 紅酒的夜晚. 大家把酒言歡, 談論法國電影, 文化, 聽法文歌. 在那之前的香港法國電影節中, 我馬拉松式的連續看了三晚的電影, 這三部片, 不管故事和拍攝手法如何, 看到那些出現在電影裡, 風情萬種的法國美女, 都已經是種不可言喻的美好經驗.

Fanny Ardant in “Lola Pater

我是阿爸” 中的芬妮亞當

A transsexual man to woman, who has to reconnect with her long-lost son and face herself again. Her flamboyant style with bold colors, flirting and emotional eyes and body gestures quicky capture you with this unique French sexiness

芬妮亞當完美詮釋一位變性人, 面對兒子千里尋父必須重新面對關係和自我的故事. 芬妮亞當在劇中的裝扮相當華麗, 舉手投足之間都有種撩人的性感魅力, 讓你無法逃脫這種獨特的法式性感.

Catherine Deneuve in “Bonne Pomme”

“老好人” 中的凱撒琳丹妮芙

An insecure hostel owner lives a messy and irresponsible life. She seems selfish, greedy, uncaring and self-centred. Yet it is that carelessness perfectly interprets the French style of charm. I love the way Deneuve dressing in the movie- it is embellished yet gracefully, just perfect to her age!

丹妮芙扮演一位迷人, 卻又性格神秘古怪的旅館老闆. 她的生活看來一團亂, 為人也既貪婪又自我, 但這種任性卻成就她的法式魅力. 我特別喜愛丹妮芙在電影中的穿著, 用色和造型設計上既精心又大膽, 卻又能完美呈現她這熟女年紀的優雅質感.

Marion Cotillard and Charlotte Gainsbourg (her mother Jane Brikin is reason of the birth of Hermès Birkin Bag) in “Ismael’s Ghosts

伊斯梅爾的幽魂” 中的瑪莉詠柯蒂亞夏綠蒂甘絲柏 (順帶一提, 她媽就是催生愛馬仕柏金包的歌手珍柏金)

A hobo who returns to her abandoned life 20 years after her disappearance vs. a sober astrophysicist and their triangle love story. The perfect performance of these two actresses give us a view on different faces of French women, despite the movie is just mediocre to me.

柯蒂亞扮演一個流浪的靈魂, 在二十年前無端消失之後, 又回來原本的生活, 卻發現她先生已經和甘絲柏扮演的冷靜天文學家開始一段新關係. 雖然對電影本身我評價並不是太高, 但兩位女主角或焦慮無奈, 或神經質的微妙互動, 完美詮釋法國女人既優雅又讓人窒息的那一面.

All different, each unique


Fashion industry loves French women for a reason- they are charismatic yet hard to be put into one category. Same as everyone, these charming ladies are not perfect- and perhaps even look messy in some way. You may not agree with the way they dress and they are not young at all. However, when putting up everything, they just make themselves unforgettable.

時尚圈喜愛法國女人是有原因的. 她們既有魅力, 卻又難被歸類; 她們並不完美, 甚至有時會讓人覺得有點混亂; 或許你未必喜歡她們的穿著方式, 而她們也不青春美麗, 但加乘所有特質, 她們就是風情萬種的令人難忘.

Where is this unforgettable charisma from? To me, we all possess this strong energy called “charisma”. Just it could only be uncovered and shine through authenticity- one has to dare to be oneself- and courage- to lose control sometimes, and the wisdom to let go in life. On top, age is the best seasoning to spice up yet harmonize all qualities.

到底這種令人難忘的風情是從何而來的呢? 我認為, 每個人其實都有自己專屬的魅力. 這是一種能量, 但這種能量也只會在某些設定下散發出來. 首先你必須敢忠於自我 (假掰是不行的!) 並有勇氣在某些時刻, 刻意讓自己小小失去控制, 在另些時刻又擁有放手的智慧. 而歲月則是讓這些特質越加迷人的催化劑.

That’s what I expect to achieve through my personal styling service- to help my clients understand and unveil their own charm, live and dress with comfort and confidence, and naturally attract people as they’re by the sun!

這也是我期許在我的個人造型服務中達到的目標: 讓接受我服務的客人, 能充分了解並散發專屬的自我魅力, 享受並喜愛自己的穿搭和生活, 並像陽光一樣自然而然的耀眼, 吸引目光!

To end this post, I am dedicating this French song from one of my favorite singer Carla Bruni (the ex-first lady to Nichloas Sarkozy) to those who dream and work hard to be unforgettable charismatic. Bisous!

最後, 我想將這首我喜愛的法國女歌手卡拉布魯尼 (她是法國前第一夫人, 卸任總統尼古拉薩科奇的現任妻子) 的歌曲, 獻給每個夢想並追求讓自己更有魅力的你們. 加油, 祝好運

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