My Fashion Nostalgia: Part I 不了情: 第一部

What do fashion goods-bag, a scarf or a coat- mean to you?

對你而言, 一件時尚商品, 不管是一個包, 一條圍巾或一件外套代表什麼呢?

Approaching the end of a year, I always feel an urge to clean up old stuffs in my wardrobe with new replacement.  However, there’s an untouchable corner in my wardrobe, in which stay some limited edition items with my memories from those good old days working in the fashion industry.

每到年終, 我總會有種想要清衣櫥的衝動, 送走在後宮被冷落已久的衣物們. 但是, 總有一個角落是碰不得的. 裡頭保存的, 不僅是許多珍貴的限量版商品, 更重要的是, 他們記錄了我在時尚界工作那些日子裡珍貴的青春和記憶.

I’ve been lucky to be always working for amazing luxury fashion brands, of which the designers are creative and art lovers. Therefore, I’ve been collecting quite a few limited editions born out of the marriage of fashion and arts. Through these items, I feel the passion and all the efforts behind that give them life. I step into the artists’ heart, feel amazed or shed tears for their talents and- most of the time- unconventional life. Not to mention that behind these products there’s my youth, struggle and growth imprinted from the life of a fashion labor!

一直覺得自己幸運, 一路以來我都在一些很棒的國際領導品牌工作. 我經歷過的設計師, 一位是領導潮流的先驅, 另一位是創意滿滿的鬼才. 他們都是藝術愛好者, 因此, 我有幸能見證那段時尚和藝術跨節結合的全盛期, 也因而能蒐藏到不少珍貴的限量產品. 對我來說, 這些商品貴不在價錢, 而是背後團隊在催生這批商品上市前所付出的熱情, 努力以及創意. 每一段合作, 每位藝術家都有自己的故事. 觸摸這些產品, 我彷彿可以感受到藝術家的內心, 或驚艷或為他們大部分不凡的人生感動落淚. 當然, 當年身為小螺絲釘, 這些商品的上市也承載了我那些年的青春熱情, 掙扎和努力, 以及成長印記.

Now I am sharing them to you-with love and a nostalgic mood.



Louis Vuitton x Steven Sprouse

Even if you’re not a fashion lover, I am sure these fluorescent graffiti prints should not be totally new to you.

就算不是時尚人士, 我相信你對這些鮮豔的螢光塗鴉也一定不會全然陌生.

Under Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton launched two collaborations with fashion designer/artist Stephen Sprouse- 2001 and 2009, before and after Sprouse’s death at age 50 in 2004. They were so successful that everything was sold out instantly back then.

在小馬哥主政路易威登的十年裡, 有兩次和Stephen Sprouse的跨界合作: 分別在2001和2009年. 兩次都獲得空前的成功, 上市商品均以秒殺賣光.

Stephen Sprouse in 1997 Times story via

Sprouse is credited as the 1980s it-designer who pioneered the mix of “uptown sophistication in clothing with a downtown punk and pop sensibility.” His work married art, rock and fashion- very street yet glamour. In 80s New York, this style was not well perceived by all, and he was often derided as either too retro or too futuristic.Stephen Sprouse.

被譽為八零年代在紐約最夯的設計師. 他的設計風格被形容兼具”紐約上城的精緻及下城的龐克普普氣質.” 他是設計師也是藝術家, 作品完美結合藝術, 搖滾樂和時尚, 既街頭又華麗. 這種風格在今日看來還是很酷的, 但在八零年代的紐約, 卻不是人人都能理解這種前衛. 因此他的設計常被批評要不就太過復古, 要不就太過未來. 

From pictures and his work, Sprouse gives an impression of a wild rock star. In reality, however, he and his family seem a total opposite to this image. “His parents still live in the Midwest and send cherries from their farm to us every year even after his death for so many years,” said by my French boss in Paris headquarter back then, ” they are truly down-to-ground and sincere people.

”Stephen Sprouse的個人照, 流露出一種頹廢, 迷矇的氣質, 給人狂野搖滾歌手的印象. 事實上, 跟他相熟的人都說, 他本人及原生家庭完全不是這麼回事. 這位藝術家和他的家人就像大多純樸的美國中西部人, 既腳踏實地又誠懇. 2004年Stephen Sprouse因肺癌在50歲英年早逝, 據我之前巴黎總部老闆的說法, 多年之後, 他的家人每年仍會寄送自家栽種的櫻桃到巴黎, 只因為感念大家當年的合作.

These products I have are from the launch in 2009. That’s the first big cross-category project I have since I joined the brand one year ago back then. I witnessed how a successful launch involves a series of team work and tons of communications- in order to tell a fascinating story through the visual display, marketing planning and internal training. Behind all, inventory management plays a key role to support all. When wearing these beautiful products, I feel not only embellished but also proud to be an important screw in this grand project!

我擁有的這些商品在2009年上市. 這是我加入這個品牌之後, 第一個大型的跨界合作上市專案. 我見證了一個成功的上市背後, 需要多少團隊之間的合作和協調溝通: 利用店內陳列, 行銷工具和內部訓練, 說一個動人的故事打動人心是多麼的重要; 背後的那些繁瑣的供貨管理, 更影響那動人的故事是否能繼續說下去. 當我穿戴這些產品時, 我感受到的不僅是時尚, 更自豪曾經是這光鮮亮麗的時尚界的一員, 參與那份光亮!

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