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What I learn from 2018 Fall Winter Fashion Week 2018秋冬時裝秀另類觀點

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What do you see during Fashion Weeks? Is it beautiful silhouette, the coming trend forecast (shopping guide) or celebrities in the first row?? To me, runway reflects the real, and possibly the most common, happenings in our daily life. Here are what I learn from this recent closed 2018 Fall Winter Fashion Week.

觀賞每一季的時尚週時, 你關注的是什麼? 是漂亮的衣服飾品剪裁設計細節, 流行趨勢預測和下一季的血拼指南, 或者名人穿搭? 對我來說, 每一季的時尚發表, 其實就在反映日常. 以下是我在剛剛結束的2018秋冬時尚週當中, 領悟到的幾個人生道理.

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1.Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good, but how daring, you are

1.有時你有多敢, 會比你有多厲害重要

One of the most talked shows in this fashion week is Gucci. The scene that models carry the plastic replica of their heads walking through is definitely the signature. Right after the show, a hashtag #guccichallenge grows popular on Instagram:  +1,000 celebrities and users recreate the gucci runway look with imitations of holding their own heads. So, anyone cares about fabrics and cutting? Rather than doing the right thing conventionally, it might be more effective to act bold and innovative in this era!

本季當中, 最具話題性的莫過於古馳的時裝秀. 其中最驚世駭俗的一景, 是一個厭世臉女模拎著和她一模一樣的人頭貫穿全場. 秀結束後, Instagram上即刻出現一個名為#guccichallenge (古馳挑戰)的標籤, 並吸引上千用戶, 其中包括不少名人參加, 上傳他們的拎人頭照. 那麼, 有人在討論這場秀的布料剪裁和設計嗎? 所以, 有時與其堅持追隨傳統做對的事, 在這年代不如大膽一點, 破格玩創意, 贏面相對更大!

2.Play badass in a subtle way can be more powerful


Chicks dig bad boys, and vice versa nowadays. Being a badass into-your-face might be a bit cliché. Revealing that character through a subtle and elegant twist on your looks rock!

男人不壞女人不愛, 這年代反之亦然. 但是, 把自己穿戴成他人第一眼就能識破的壞女人, 這樣有點遜. 在一些小細節透過心機設計, 讓自己的壞看來既優雅又有品味, 這才叫高招!

3.Every little thing can be an inspiration- don’t underestimate the power of banal trivia

3.絕不要瞧不起身邊不起眼的瑣事, 他們可能是絕世傑作背後的偉大靈感

Of course, designers always love to refer the inspiration of the show to brand archive, film and arts or certain social phenomenon. But who knows whether the actual idea comes from the boring daily routine of the designers. For example: their being couch potato moment while watching TV?!

當然, 每一場秀背後, 我們最愛聽的都是設計師如何受到品牌歷史, 電影藝術, 或當代社會現象的啟發而創造這個偉大的系列. 但看看下面的圖, 難道你不會懷疑, 其實偉大的靈感, 也可能是來自於設計師無聊的日常, 譬如:攤在電視前吃薯片, 突然看到這些畫面的瞬間被醍醐灌頂?!

4.The best way to show support is to be it


Actions speak louder than words. If you are up for environmental issues, just wear than say them!

坐而言不如起而行. 如果你支持環保, 別掛在嘴上, 直接穿在身上!

Fashion is actually more accessible than you think. Don’t you agree?

所以時尚其實沒你想像的那麼遙不可及, 不是嗎?

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