Art Blossoms in Hong Kong 藝術點亮香港四月天

What would you do while lacking of inspiration?


That becomes my common challenge after I start my blog. For many fashion designers, visiting art exhibitions, galleries, museums is a common way out. Without having time to do so for inspirations, as shared by the famous fashion commentator Suzy Menkes, Raf Simons chose to exit Dior to seek for the balance.

在我正式成為部落客之後, 這可說是常面臨到的挑戰. 逛藝術展, 藝廊及博物館, 是許多時尚設計師尋求靈感的解方. 設計師Raf Simons在迪奧任職時, 根據他的好友, 著名時尚評論家Suzy Menkes的說法, 因為忙碌的品牌設計日程, 抽不出時間去呼吸藝術的空氣, 滋養他的創意, 因而最終選擇離開品牌.

photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

Hong Kong has been always criticised for lacking of arts and culture. Even if there are, they seem to be more packaged as a priviledge to a niche segment of people. Therefore, it has been always a struggle for me to breathe the air of arts and get inspired.

對我來說, 住在香港有百萬個好, 但唯一就是此地缺乏藝術和文化的養分. 就算有, 也會被包裝的好似只有少數人的專利, 並不由市井小民隨手可得.

In this past week, however, all of a sudden arts blossom everywhere in Hong Kong. First of all, there’s ArtBasel- the ticket is out in a blink despite the price is not too amicable.

話雖如此, 過去各個星期, 香港的藝術花朵卻遍地開放. 首先是最受矚目, 由跨國藝廊共襄盛舉舉辦的藝術大展ArtBasel. 雖然展期短, 票價也非常不可愛, 但門票很快就銷售一空, 完全不是我這種後知後覺的人能望其項背的.

ArtBasel Hong Kong 2018

Meanwhile, many fashion brands also installed arts either in their boutiques or in pop-up stores.

然而, 同場加映, 許多時尚品牌也紛紛選在此時, 在自家店面或者快閃店宣揚藝術.

Prada Comics at Central Alexandra House store


photo: Ming’s

Photo: Ming’s
Photo: Ming’s
Photo: Ming’s

Gucci Art Wall at Lan Kwai Fong


photo: Harpersbazaar.com.hk

via harpersbazaar.com.hk

Coach x Keith Haring Pop-Up at Wanchai

Coach x Keith Haring 灣仔快閃店

photo: Ming’s

Photo: Ming’s
Photo: Ming’s

What pleases me the most is actually the happening of this HKWalls event. This non-profit organisation holds a street festival by inviting local and international artists to showcase their talents on streets. Along Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan, many paintings hide in this busy neighborhood. It is a true pleasure to embrace the surprise while one encounter these works unexpectedly.

但讓我最開心的莫過於HKWalls的公共藝術活動. 此非營利組織邀請本地及海外藝術家, 將上環荷李活道車水馬龍的街頭及公共空間,  妝點上一幅幅令人驚喜的藝術創作. 當行人匆匆路過轉角, 卻不期然的看到燦爛活力的畫作時, 那種驚艷的心情難以言諭.

Of course, the other challenge would be, any events can easily make Hong Kong Mekka due to the high intensity of population. It was very exhausting for me to compete with people in order to get a spot taking selfie. At the end, I chose to enjoy taking pictures for these crowds- that made my day too!

當然, 香港地小人稠, 只要一有活動, 一定立馬吸引萬人朝聖. 在造訪這些街頭藝術, 最大的挑戰莫過於和人爭一席自拍的角落. 節節敗退下, 我退而求其次, 改拍這些開心的搶拍群眾, 照樣自得其樂!

Photo: FashionwithAttitude


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