Versatility 百變女王

When I was little, being a theater actress was one of my dreams. How fantastic it is to live with different faces in such a short life- I was totally fascinated by this idea.

小時候 成為劇場演員是我諸多個夢想之一,  光想到在沈悶的日常中, 隨時有機會體驗扮演不同性格和命運的人物, 就讓我覺得興奮不已.

Of course, as the years go passing by, I didn’t have my actress dream come true. Despite of that, I realize that playing different characters remains essential in my daily life, and what I dress becomes my costume. Back to my corporate days for example. Even though I’d always improvised my outfit of the day, I did noticed that unconsciously there developed a pattern. Monday and Tuesday were always something black. I would wear along with my sharpest jewelry and most sober makeup to cope with those tedious reports and business meetings. Starting from Wednesday, a bit more colours sneaked in- they could be a brighter scarf, jewelry with fun design, or a slouchy color-blocking outfit. They were more like my celebration to survive from those business routines and a welcome to the weekend!

最終雖然我沒有成為偉大的劇場女演員, 我卻發現角色扮演仍是日常生活不可或缺的技能, 而衣著和化妝就是我的戲服. 以那段上班族的歲月為例, 雖然我一向是在出門前才隨性決定當天的穿著, 但不知不覺中竟也發展出一套著裝公式, 比方說, 週一和週二通常我只穿黑色, 搭配同色造型霸氣的首飾, 以及簡單卻銳氣十足的妝容. 這裝扮提供給我某種安全感, 讓我能安然度過那些瑣碎煩雜的會議和商業報表. 週三開始,  我身上會漸漸出現一些色彩: 可能是一條多彩的圍巾; 設計有趣的配件; 和寬鬆撞色的衣衫 .他們似乎在慶祝我又安然度過了無趣的一週之始, 可以歡欣迎向燦爛的週末 .

One of my outfits to show strong personal statement. My weapon: red lips, chunky jewelries, clean silhouette with stiff fabric.

想要有強烈個人宣言時, 我會選擇紅唇, 大件配飾, 及剪裁簡練的硬挺衣著來妝扮自己.


How I style myself is a reflection to my state-of-mind. Through this practice, I also understand how powerful colours and fabrics are to deliver messages. For example, red lipsticks, thick eyeliners and chunky jewelries in muted color along with a stiff outfit secure me by creating a space from the outer world.  While feeling relaxed and like being more open up, I would put on softer or brighter colours, fluid silhouette and probably with loose pony tail.

我的打扮反映了我的心境. 透過這麼多年的練習, 我也體會到即使色彩和材質沒長嘴, 卻可以是強力的個人溝通工具. 所以, 當我需要和外界保持距離時, 我用紅唇, 粗黑上揚的眼線, 色彩低調的大件首飾, 以及硬挺的布料創造高冷姿態;  當我心情輕鬆, 想要擁抱世界時 ,在我身上可能會找到柔軟流動的衣著, 明亮或柔和的色彩, 或者隨意地紮著一束寬鬆的馬尾. 

In a relaxing mood: everything is soft, light and bright, rounder.

閒適的心情, 裝扮的元素會偏向柔軟的衣著, 輕淺明亮的色調及圓潤的飾品.


So that’s it- without having to be a Broadway star, I can still be the same versatile everyday- with just a good strategy and experimental attitude, without too many cost!

所以, 不用當百老匯巨星, 只要有點小心機和開放的態度, 不用擁有超大衣物間, 也可以在日常生活中做個百變女王!

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