In the Mood for a Muted Autumn Winter 高級感秋冬時尚攻略

Maybe my recent trip to North Europe is too fantastic that my soul refuses to come back, or maybe the sudden rise of Morandi colours through a popular Chinese TV drama “Palace of YanXi” is too influential. All of the sudden,  I am so in the mood for the muted colour palette in this autumn!

許是我最近的北歐之行太美好, 讓我仍舊魂牽夢縈; 也或許是最近”延禧攻略”的爆紅, 讓莫蘭迪色彩成為熱話. 總之, 無來由的, 近來我的穿搭和自拍作品, 也強烈受這股帶灰的啞色調吸引.

Subdued ash tones are not easy to be appreciated at the first glance. Unlike bright colours that naturally deliver a vivid and pleasant mood, or the pure black and white that carry cool and strong character, muted colours seem just too soft and understated. Yet ash tone can easily bring out the quality and class, and provides peace and grace to someone who wears them. The elegant simplicity matches the Nordic aesthetic perfectly, which explains why they are important colours in home deco in Nordic region- you can’t imagine how a comfortable and tasteful home matters to Nordic people given the length of the big winter outdoor.

帶灰的啞色調很難讓人一見傾心: 他們不像明亮的鮮色那樣, 帶有活潑愉悅的氣質; 也不像絕對的黑和白那樣有個性. 柔和內斂是好的, 卻總讓人覺得難以印象深刻. 然而, 正是這股灰色調, 能帶出質感和高級感, 並讓穿上它的人自然流露平和優雅的氣質. 這種簡潔和優雅正是北歐美學重要的精神, 也因此在著名的北歐家居裡, 這些帶灰的啞色調扮演重要的角色. 畢竟, 北歐的冬天如此冗長難耐, 對居家舒適度和時尚感的要求, 也就不言而喻.

Same in the fashion, Scandi style gets hit at this moment- its being admired for being laid-back, uncomplicated, sophisticated yet still functional. To replicate this style, nothing’s better than using subdued ash tone colours. They serve versatile possibilities for layering: both tone-on-tone and as a perfect accommodation to various accent colours. They are soft yet with strength, chic with depth, timeless and upscale. Following I am sharing few on-trend ash-tone colours for you to embrace a chic autumn winter.

北歐風格也在時尚界正夯, 那種看似隨性簡單, 卻自帶高級感, 而且還能保有實用性的風格, 正是讓很多人愛上它的原因. 想創造這種風格, 沒有比穿上帶灰的啞色調更容易的方式. 這些啞色非常容易搭配, 不管你使用同色混搭, 或者搭配其他顏色, 都不容易出錯, 而且還能造型多變. 善用它們能打造柔和卻又有力量, 時髦而有深度, 經典高級的造型. 接下來我會介紹幾個現正流行的帶灰啞色, 讓你今年秋冬能有除了黑白之外, 擁有更多時尚的選擇. 



Green is the true 2018 Autumn Winter hit colour! It’s literally everywhere. The pine colour is my new darling recently. It can be worn as black with a chic twist, and being glamorous with any accessories- gold, silver and pearl!

如果要說2018秋冬的當紅炸子雞, 那非綠色莫屬. 各式各樣的綠色席捲街頭. 在眾多綠當中, 墨綠成了我本季的心頭好. 它可以像黑色一樣百搭, 卻比黑色更有趣, 透過各類飾品的點綴, 能輕易散發雍容華貴的氣息.

arrying with the check or patterns can be so trendy and vivid.

本季有許多綠色的格子和印花 時髦又活潑

Let’s not forget the fashionable blue-ish green colours that start to be on fire since this spring summer.

更別忘了從今天春夏就一路延燒, 帶藍色調的綠, 在秋冬是一股勾人的小清新.

Earth Colours


Earth tone is always the best neutral colour especially in autumn winter. This season, however, it’s popular to wear them from head-to-toe by mixing and matching different fabrics.

大地色系從來就沒在秋冬缺席過, 只不過, 今年我們看到更多, 從頭到腳堆疊大地色系的造型, 只要選擇不同的材質, 就能搭出好品味.



Powdery pink is the best match to white and gray. Collided with its extreme black, the style can be unexpectedly charming too!

帶灰的粉色能完美配搭任何白色及灰色. 如果撞強烈的黑色, 也能有意想不到的火花.

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