The Simpler, The Better I 愈簡單愈美好 I

Among all my clients, there’s a group of ladies at their 30s. They always raise the same question in the consultation: “I feel like to have a more elevated image to suit my age and current status since I don’t feel young anymore,” they said. “I don’t want to shop that much but have no idea what I can do. Can you help?”

在找我做造型風格諮詢的客層裡, 有一群是三十多歲的女性. 我發現她們常會提出的共通問題是: “我感覺自己不再年輕, 也有許多家庭責任和工作抱負, 因此我想知道如何改變自己的穿著更適合現在的階段.” 但她們通常還會補上一句: “我想看來更有質感, 但又不想再買太多東西. 到底該怎麼做呢?”

It is interesting for me to see this common pattern from my clients, and trigger me to recall how I have been on this journey to pursuit looking great. I realise that, at some point (especially when we started to achieve financial independence), we all wanted more even though most of the time we were not too sure what we really wanted. Then one day, we figure out ourselves at a life stage that we strive to survive and stand out among peers. Meanwhile, there are many responsibilities on our back. Perhaps it’s this complexity driving us to embrace simplicity eagerly all of a sudden- a simpler everything yet better!

觀察到這些女性的共通想法很有意思, 這也讓我回想一路在追求變美路上我的轉變. 我發現, 在人生某個時刻, 特別是開始賺錢, 有了一些小積蓄後, 即便當下不太清楚到底自己想要及適合什麼, 我們亟欲擁有全世界. 然後突然有一天, 當發現自己處在充滿妥協和矛盾的人生階段, 有夢想, 也有責任.  這時許多人反而會渴望追求簡單但更好品質的事物! 

This is exactly what I have been through, and I enjoy the current state of mind. I also try to introduce this “simpler yet better” philosophy in my work and how to carry it out in the daily styling. Here I am sharing few of my personal stories with you, my dear readers, and hopefully they will inspire you too.

這是我的心路歷程, 而我還挺喜歡現下的心境. 我會在工作時分享這”簡單卻美好”的哲學, 及如何落實在日常打理造型和形象上. 以下我想分享幾個小故事給你, 我親愛的讀者, 希望也能給你一些靈感和啟發.

Part I: Moisturizer Is The Answer to Everything

第一部: 保濕是所有問題的答案

I worked in renowned cosmetics companies at my 20s. Back then, my job was to create stories for the new skincare and makeup products in order to convince public that these are necessary investments to better appearance and life. Of course there was always a message in my story: the more steps in your skincare routine, the more sophisticated and better your skin will be.

二十幾歲時, 我在國際知名的化妝品公司工作. 我的工作是為品牌新上市的產品打造動人的故事, 說服消費大眾這是讓妳的外表和人生更美好的投資. 當然我打造的故事會告訴妳, 妳用的產品越多, 表示妳越懂得呵護自己, 妳的外表也會報答妳.

Upon working on these stories, I hypnotized not only my audience but also myself. Despite of my fine skin, I was still adventurous to search and invest in all kinds of skincare products- moisturizing, whitening, anti-age…you name it. The only problem was, my skin became rebellious and constantly returned me with random troubles.   

在行銷這些故事時, 我洗的不僅是別人的腦袋, 還包括我自己. 二十幾歲的花樣年華, 我最在意的是, 如何能找到各品牌的明星產品, 一層一層塗上我的臉, 以達到完美抗老的功效. 但當時我的肌膚並沒有預期中的知恩圖報,  反而不時鬧脾氣. 

After leaving the cosmetics industry, without the access to so many products, gradually I simplify my skincare routine. I still invest premium eye creams and face serums for night. The rest is all about moisturising. I learned from my earlier jobs that the ingredient of hydration does not really cost much. Therefore, I rarely invest in big brands but only those comforting me with the good texture.  And you know what? My skin gets healthy, stable and glowing with fewer bottles!

離開化妝品產業之後, 少了每天接觸各式最新上市產品的機會, 不知不覺中我也簡化了我的保養步驟. 我還是會花多一些錢投資在抗老晚霜和眼霜上, 其餘就只是保濕. 之前的工作中我認識到保濕成分大同小異, 而且原料價格不高, 因此, 我以質地為主要的購買考量, 不太在乎品牌. 出乎意料的是, 保養簡化了, 我的肌膚質地竟然變得比以前更健康穩定!

I don’t usually recommend moisturiser brands to my clients as the ingredient are not that different. However, if someone asks, these two doctor brands from Taiwan are what i use the most in my daily routine.

我通常不太推薦特定品牌的保濕產品, 因為成分分別不大. 但如果有人問起, 通常我會分享這兩個台灣醫師的保濕產品, 它們是我最回購率最高的.

Then I remember, all my years working in the cosmetics industry, I’ve actually learned from many dermatologists that moisturiser being the true answer to all kinds of skin problems- oily and dry skin, ageing, after sun, dull, pimples. A moisturiser before makeup can make the products staying longer with a more glowing effect. For men, a moisturiser should also be the most essential, aside from cleaning, to elevate the quality of their face, which also presents a better image and first impression. 

然後我回想起當年在化妝品產業工作時, 接觸到的皮膚科醫師都說, 保濕是針對各類皮膚問題最好的處方: 不管是油性或乾性肌, 老化肌, 日曬傷, 暗沈或者暗瘡, 做好保濕問題就能改善. 妝前保濕能延長妝效, 讓妝容更光采精緻. 保濕對男性也同等重要, 除了清潔之外, 做好保濕, 不僅會讓面子升級, 個人形象以及給人的第一印象也會加分不少.

Sometimes the simpler is the better. Yet it takes time to realise the beauty of simplicity.

愈簡單有時愈美好. 然而, 簡單之美 ,反而是需要花更多時間才能領悟.

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