Part II: Luxury Basic 第二部:簡單的好品味

If I have to name one fashion icon as contemporary ultra-influencer, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is clearly my first vote.

如果要我選一位最具影響力的當代時尚偶像, 我會毫不遲疑的投給薩克斯公爵夫人梅根.


Meghan Effect


Since her wedding, the Duchess has created the “Meghan effect” not only on the fashion industry but also to consumers’ buying behaviour. Her style as Duchess well presents a classic, simple and timeless image from both her silhouette and colour choices (also with her famous messy bun!). Her nod to “conservative rebellion” intrigues women to rethink their wardrobe and desire more a set of easy wardrobe pieces. Plus the enormous economy behind her wear, (according to economists at Brand Finance forecasted that Meghan injected £150 million into the British economy in the lead up to her wedding as consumers attempted to copy her style) we see a new bourgeoisie mood rising since Spring Summer 2019 from the brands such as Burberry, Prada, Marc Jacobs. Not to mention that her steadfastly choosing ethical and eco-friendly brands helps re-align people’s view to sustainable fashion.

從她的婚禮開始, 這位公爵夫人就在全球掀起一股 “梅根效應.” 這股效應不僅在時尚圈發酵, 還影響普羅大眾的時尚消費品味. 梅根嫁入皇室後, 她在媒體曝光的風格, 不管是剪裁或顏色的選擇, 都以簡潔經典優雅風格吸引目光(很多時候她會搭配微亂的盤髮!)  她創造的經典反撲, 引發女性們重新檢視她們的衣櫥, 並開始嚮往簡單好搭配的單品. 這股”梅根效應”可不僅只成為話題, 所帶來的強勢經濟效應更是讓人瞠目結舌. 具Brand Finance經濟學家的估計, 從她婚禮那刻開始至今, 因為女性們的瘋狂追隨模仿她的穿著, 梅根已為英國經濟貢獻了大約一億五千英鎊的消費. 而見錢眼開的時尚界當然不會放過這潮流. 從2019春夏開始到秋冬, 忽然在群魔亂舞中有一股新中產階級的小清新, 出現在Burberry, Prada, Marc Jacobs等牌子的時尚台. 更別說公爵夫人一心擁抱環保時尚, 堅持購買並重複穿著某些環保時尚品牌曝光, 讓許多人用嶄新正面的眼光看待環保時尚. 


Bourgeoisie trend in Fall Winter 2019 catwalk: from left to right- Balenciaga, Celine by Heidi Slimane, Burberry

2019 秋冬時尚舞台上, 這股新中產階級的風格仍持續發燒: 由左到右- Balenciaga, Celine by Hedi Slimane, Burberry

Cashmere: Easy and Tasteful


In my previous post The Simpler, The Better I, I shared a rising request from my clients look for a more elevated image to match with their age and status yet resist to shop more. The “Meghan effect” provides a good reference for me to show how achievable a simple yet tasteful style can be. To make it happen, however, to me the choice of the material should come first as the simpler the silhouette becomes. That’s why more and more I recommend 100% cashmere being the most essential in my styling advice.  The divine softness and indulgently silky feel of the material easily makes the wearers elevated and elegant. The impressively breathable light material gives pleasure and comfortability to the wearers. Most important of all, cashmere can be worn all year round (think about how a cashmere scarf or cardigan can protect you softly from the fierce air conditioner indoor in hot summer) and the style lasts! The simplicity allows versatile styling possibility- it complements whatever your styles are yet always tasteful.

在我上一篇越簡單越美好的文章中曾分享到, 在我的客戶中, 愈來愈多人提出: ” 想要看來更有質感, 卻不想過度消費.” 這股”梅根效應”的崛起, 剛好提供給我強力的素材, 讓我的客戶看到, 想要簡單卻高質感的風格絕對可行. 然而, 在梅根的身上, 我的領悟是, 基本款固然百搭, 衣物材質絕對是影響整體質感的首要考量, 這也是打造經典又高貴的質感最重要的因素. 這也是為什麼, 近年來我愈來愈喜歡推薦我的客戶衣櫥必備100%喀什米爾的衣物: 可能是上衣, 外套或一件圍巾. 這材質本身在視覺和手感的柔軟上乘, 能自然地提升穿戴者質感; 更別說它的輕盈透氣能給你的身體帶來多大的愉悅和舒適感. 但更重要的是100%喀什米爾一年四季皆可穿 (試想在盛夏的冷氣房裡, 一件100%喀什米爾小外套或圍巾能如何溫柔的保護你) 而且永不退流行! 也因為簡單, 所以百搭, 不管妳想穿出什麼風格, 這材質都會是最好的品味陪襯.

Cashmere can easily become royal family’s choice for its premium and elegant look

皇室成員常會在公關場合穿著喀什米爾的衣物, 因為這材質自帶優雅貴氣

Image: Getty

The effortlessly chic on fashion icons- Victoria Beckham and Ines de la Frenssange- achieved by a simple cashmere top.

時尚偶像貝嫂和 Ines de la Fressange 用簡單的喀什米爾上衣, 打造出毫不費力的時髦態度


Colourful cashmere tops add a vivid mood to styles. Creative way to wear a cashmere cardigan gives a chic touch.

選擇色彩繽紛的喀什米爾上衣能讓整體造型更活潑. 一件喀什米爾外套可以有多種創意穿法, 看來更時髦有趣.

Being basic does not mean dull. It can be richer if with smart choice!

簡單不代表無趣, 只要懂得聰明選擇, 愈簡單可以看來愈豐富上乘!

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