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You Are What You Wear 穿出你自己

Are you one of the 2.6M viewers of the BBC show Your Are What You Wear?

你也是英國廣播公司最新真人實境秀 “穿出你自己” 的260萬忠實觀眾之一嗎?

This new fashion makeover series are hosted by a squad of five stylists. They meet volunteers who are feeling a bit down about their appearance- usually because of something that has happened in their personal lives.  The team help people to dress and work with their wardrobes in new ways in order to help boost their self-esteem and stride into a happier life.

這個在今年三月新推出的時尚改造真人秀, 是由五個造型師共同主持. 節目來賓經歷了一些人生的變化, 進而影響到他們對自己外表的態度, 因而自願報名參加節目, 希望能得到改造. 主持團隊幫助來賓找到適合的穿著和妝髮, 並建議他們如何打理衣櫥, 進而幫他們重新找到自信和快樂.

Who Does Not Like Makeover Shows?!


Reality TV Makeover Shows are nothing new. They rise since early 2000s. I can still remember how astonished I was when seeing my very first Makeover TV Show Fashion Emergency the first time. TV Stylists transformed the looks of the featured guests by showing them how to dress, wear make-up and taking them to salon for a new hairstyle. Each episode ended with the guest showing as a new person with a more stylish look and happy smile, which kind of comforted me too. I have been always suspected that might be the first seed leading me toward this journey as a Stylist & Image Consultant today.

真人改造秀其實不是什麼新鮮事, 最早的時尚改造秀在2000年前後就已經可見. 我還記得第一次收看的時尚真人改造秀是 “Fashion Emergency.”  節目中主持人和造型師僅僅透過改造穿著, 化妝以及髮型, 就讓毫不起眼的素人來賓整個發光發亮, 讓當時的我瞠目結舌不已. 而各個來賓在每集結尾煥然一新的造型和春風滿面的笑容, 總讓我也覺得有種感同身受的滿足感. 現在回想起來, 也許當時那是一顆種子, 帶領我之後創業, 踏上形象造型這趟旅程.

Obviously this Before and After approach is way too powerful, which makes  reality TV makeover shows become all the rage in the past 20 years. There was a long period of time that these shows only hinged on the idea how a woman could conquer the world by making herself look beautiful in public’s opinion. Therefore, for entertainment purpose, we watched people judging the featured men’s and women’s looks by mean words. Plastic surgery even became a popular solution to achieve an extreme makeover, even though this can never solve one’s real issue such as insecurity, lacking confidence and self-esteem. The idea these shows promote happen to proves the stereotype a lot of people would have toward the fashion industry- shallow, snobbish and hypocritical.   Quite a few featured guests in the show even expressed how they suffered from depression and some other emotion issues many years after participating the TV shows.

誰不喜歡看到改造前後的變化?可以想見, 這種強大的吸引力, 讓不同的電視真人改造秀, 過去這二十年風行一時. 有很長一段時間出現的真人改造秀, 鼓吹女性將自己改造成主流審美價值下的樣貌,  就能擁有成功人生, 予取予求. 也許是為了娛樂效果, 節目往往安排主持人及其他來賓, 尖酸苛薄的批評參加者的外表, 甚至將整容手術當作是萬靈丹, 即使手術並不能解決參加者外表之下更深層, 比方說, 缺乏安全感, 自信等的問題. 而這些節目製作的手法, 也恰巧印證了許多人對時尚產業膚淺, 勢力和虛偽的偏見. 有些參加改造者在節目結束數年後接受訪問, 甚至提到參加節目後反而讓他們得了憂鬱症, 或者得面對大大小小不同的情緒困擾.

Makeover Can be a Self-Discovery


It is very sad to see how fashion can be abused to force people compromising themselves to the mainstream aesthetic standard.
To me, appearance makeover can lead to a deep self-discovery.
Through my work, I learn to see the best assets of each person, understand the areas- and why- those give them anxiety. Then I help people discover their personal style and dress with confidence to celebrate what makes them special. On this journey, I realize how powerful fashion can be as a mean to help people. That’s why I am quite happy to see the emergence of Queer Eye on Netflix in 2018, followed by You Are What You Wear on BBC earlier this year. The hosts/stylists in these two show more love and acceptance to the featured guests. The shows disclose more personal issues behind these guests, and encourage confidence and self-love. Moreover, in Queer Eye, thanks to the different background of the hosts, they promote a healthier lifestyle- both physically and mentally!

身為時尚界人士, 看到時尚如何能被濫用成為霸凌的工具, 強迫人們放棄自己的獨特, 屈就主流審美觀, 其實是一件很難過的事.對我來說, 改造外表其實連結到是很深層的自我探索過程.身為形象造型師的工作中, 面對每一個客戶, 我學習去了解和發掘她/他的獨特性; 理解外表的哪個部分讓他們感覺焦慮, 原因何在. 在這之上, 我才會幫她/他設計個人風格, 並建議如何透過穿著提升自信, 也彰顯自己的特色. 這份工作讓我見識到了, 時尚可以是多麽強大助人的工具. 那也是為什麼, 當Netflix在2018年推出”粉雄救兵” 和 BBC 在今年初推出”穿出你自己“這類時尚改造節目時, 我會覺得很開心. 這幾個近期出現的節目, 主持人兼造型師通常對參加改造的來賓, 會流露出愛心和包容. 節目的內容也不再僅僅圍繞外表, 更多會去分享來賓個人的經歷和故事, 並且改造過程本身也在鼓勵來賓要有自信, 要愛自己. 並且, 在”粉雄救兵“當中, 由於五位主持人的背景專長各有不同, 也因此他們鼓吹的生活型態和外表上的好看, 基本上包括了身體和心靈上的健康 .

If you have extra time at home during this pandemic period, watching these shows could be good to kill time and get inspired on  your style. Or get professional help to look and feel fantastic being always the shortcut.

疫情期間, 如果你多了不少時間在家, 或許收看這幾個新型態的時尚改造節目, 會是打發時間兼學習打理自己靈感的好方法. 或者簡單一點, 也可以透過像我這樣的專業人士, 幫你找到適合的個人形象, 讓自己看來更自信!

Get help to discover your style and build an image that suits you?

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