Stylist and certified Image Consultant by Colour Me Beautiful – one of the world’s recognised leader in the image industry- Fashion Blogger and a story teller based in Hong Kong.

是造型師, 也是英國Colour Me Beautiful專業認證形象顧問, 寫時尚觀察, 也喜愛說故事, 目前定居香港.

I help people discover and design their own style and image based on their features and personal expectations.

我擅長幫人發掘, 並根據她/他的期待和特色打造個人專屬風格形象.

Thanks to my previous job in Louis Vuitton, Prada group, L’Oréal group and Chanel, I have solid understanding to fashion styling, makeup and hairstyle. My passion is to observe the rising trend, dig out the hidden gems underneath the ordinary surface and create elevated and interesting styles with taste in details.

多年在一流國際精品和化妝品公司工作的經驗 (Louis Vuitton, Prada Group, L’Oréal group and Chanel), 培養出我對時尚和美感的強烈直覺, 並對時尚造型, 美妝保養和髮型潮流有深入了解和獨到見解.  我喜愛挖掘在看似平凡外表下隱藏的獨特之美, 在看似理所當然的風格上, 打造有反差, 趣味和兼具好品味的細節.

Speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese and French. My service includes one-on-one consultation and workshop across Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Macau at this stage.

我的服務包括一對一諮詢及小班制體驗沙龍. 服務地區目前以香港, 中國, 台灣和澳門為主. 可以英語, 普通話, 粵語及簡單的法語溝通.

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