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Lessons I Get from Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Shows 2019春夏時尚週的小故事大啟示

Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Weeks end through the closure at Paris. Among all, Paris Fashion Week to me is the most attractive and dazzling- there are mega-presentations especially out of the power affirmation from two conglomerates Kering and LVMH (Dior vs. Gucci on the opening of Paris Fashion Week; Celine vs. Saint Laurent later in the week). On …

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The Beauty of Imperfection 不完美之美

Ever since I started my own styling business, I’ve received this same advice from different people. 在我開始自己的造型事業之後, 無獨有偶的從幾個互不相識的朋友那裡得到這個建議. “Try not to look always perfect. Most women don’t like to be served by a Ms. perfect!” A very wise girl friend said to me. “試著不要讓自己時時看來完美, 女人不喜歡有個完美小姐隨侍在側!” 一個素來以有洞察力著稱的女朋友這麼吿訴我. “Your words may not be convincing enough to clients if …


Versatility 百變女王

When I was little, being a theater actress was one of my dreams. How fantastic it is to live with different faces in such a short life- I was totally fascinated by this idea. 小時候 成為劇場演員是我諸多個夢想之一,  光想到在沈悶的日常中, 隨時有機會體驗扮演不同性格和命運的人物, 就讓我覺得興奮不已. Of course, as the years go passing by, I didn’t have my actress dream come true. Despite of …


My Camino de Santiago 我的朝聖之路

Before the Departure 行前 “You’re too slow!” my husband waved his head with a desperate look while we did our weekly hiking training. “That’d be a miracle if you survive from this tour.” my friend said it with a mischievous blink. “你速度太慢了!” 在一次我們例行的爬山訓練結束前, 我先生搖搖頭, 用一種絕望的眼神看著我. “如果你能在這次的朝聖之行活下來, 那可真是奇蹟囉.” 我朋友用半開玩笑的口吻這麼調侃我. This tour is one-of-the-kind to me in …


Art Blossoms in Hong Kong 藝術點亮香港四月天

What would you do while lacking of inspiration? 當缺乏靈感時你會怎麼做? That becomes my common challenge after I start my blog. For many fashion designers, visiting art exhibitions, galleries, museums is a common way out. Without having time to do so for inspirations, as shared by the famous fashion commentator Suzy Menkes, Raf Simons chose to exit Dior to …

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What I learn from 2018 Fall Winter Fashion Week 2018秋冬時裝秀另類觀點

Cover photo credit: What do you see during Fashion Weeks? Is it beautiful silhouette, the coming trend forecast (shopping guide) or celebrities in the first row?? To me, runway reflects the real, and possibly the most common, happenings in our daily life. Here are what I learn from this recent closed 2018 Fall Winter …


Shanghai 上海雜記

Shanghai always surprises me with new things every time I visit. The evolution of the city is similar to the appearance of those female pop stars nowadays- with the new technology, they just look differently each time, which is sometimes hard to keep up for outsiders. 每次造訪上海, 總是能讓我驚艷. 感覺上這個城市的演化就像現下女明星二次發育一樣, 每次見到, 樣貌都有些不同, 而且很難趕上她進化的速度. What are my …

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My Fashion Nostalgia: Part II 不了情: 第二部

The designer is known for her steadfast refusal to work without a statement. This pop-art face Spring Summer 2014 collection is all about feminism: “I want to inspire women to struggle.” As usual, she shared this message through the expression in the art world. 這位設計師的作品以她一貫的批判色彩聞名. 2014春夏和諸多藝術家合作, 以普普和運動街頭風呈現的女性臉孔系列, 也不例外蘊藏設計師的訊息: “我想啟發女性發掘內在的力量, 無畏懼的戰鬥.” In my career, working for …

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My Fashion Nostalgia: Part I 不了情: 第一部

What do fashion goods-bag, a scarf or a coat- mean to you? 對你而言, 一件時尚商品, 不管是一個包, 一條圍巾或一件外套代表什麼呢? Approaching the end of a year, I always feel an urge to clean up old stuffs in my wardrobe with new replacement.  However, there’s an untouchable corner in my wardrobe, in which stay some limited edition items with my …