• COVID-Inspired Fashion Shows 疫情下的創意時尚

    2020-10-11 by

    How will the fashion industry become if without the fashion shows? 時尚產業如果沒了時裝發表秀會變成怎樣呢? Before COVID-19, such topic will definitely cause panic- people in the fashion industry will tell you that’s just too horrible to even imagine. After all, without this platform, how will designers present their particular aesthetic and point of view?How could brands show off… Read more

  • You Are What You Wear 穿出你自己

    2020-07-27 by

    Are you one of the 2.6M viewers of the BBC show Your Are What You Wear? 你也是英國廣播公司最新真人實境秀 “穿出你自己” 的260萬忠實觀眾之一嗎? This new fashion makeover series are hosted by a squad of five stylists. They meet volunteers who are feeling a bit down about their appearance- usually because of something that has happened in their personal lives.  The… Read more

  • Go For Green 來點綠

    2020-02-05 by

    It is not a secret that colour can dramatically affect moods, feeling and emotion. If having to recommend one colour in the beginning of this year, I would say why not go for green? 色彩擁有左右心情, 觀感和情緒的魔力已是眾所皆知. 如果得在這新年之初推薦一個顏色, 我會說, 不如來點綠吧! On the one hand, green sends message of  balance, harmony, restoration and peace- exactly what we… Read more

  • How to Be a Stylish Man 做型男並不難

    2020-01-02 by

    I love sharing styling tips. The only problem is, as a stylist, blogger plus an amateur model and photographer, it’s difficult for me to fully dedicate myself to the selfies and generate qualitative pictures all the time. Looking from the sources on the internet can be good idea. However, some of my readers complain that… Read more

  • When Fashion Becomes A Repetition 老調重彈的時尚

    2019-10-07 by

    Upon looking at the fashion trend of this Autumn Winter, I notice something interesting. 這陣子在整理今年秋冬流行趨勢報告時, 我發現一件有趣的事. From the catwalk and fashion magazines, we see these elements being the top inspirations to lead the trend. 時尚伸展台及流行雜誌都告訴我們, 這是本季所有關心時尚的人, 需要注意的流行靈感和趨勢. 2019 Autumn Winter Fashion Trend 2019 秋冬流行趨勢 And these are the colours we need to invest in this… Read more

  • Instagram@alyssanifatitti

    Part II: Luxury Basic 第二部:簡單的好品味

    2019-09-03 by

    If I have to name one fashion icon as contemporary ultra-influencer, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is clearly my first vote. 如果要我選一位最具影響力的當代時尚偶像, 我會毫不遲疑的投給薩克斯公爵夫人梅根. Meghan Effect 梅根效應 Since her wedding, the Duchess has created the “Meghan effect” not only on the fashion industry but also to consumers’ buying behaviour. Her style as Duchess well presents a… Read more

  • The Small Flaws in Your Eyes Could Shine You in Life 你的氣場可能來自你眼中的小缺陷

    2019-03-22 by

    A recent news triggers my thought. It’s a debate sparked by the Spanish fashion house Zara’s recent cosmetics campaign, in which Li Jingwen- one of China’s famous models- shows her non-retouched face with obvious freckles. This image is accused by some Chinese netizens of “uglifying China”. 最近有則新聞讓我相當有感. 幾個星期前西班牙快時尚品牌Zara發佈了彩妝品廣告, 裡頭起用了中國模特兒李靜雯疑似未經修片, 滿臉雀斑的形象照, 引發中國網民抗議辱華的言論. “They are discriminating Asians’… Read more

  • About Opportunity 關於機會這件事

    2018-12-30 by

    If I have to name one thing that’s the most entertaining in the fashion industry in the 2018, aside from the seat changing of designers among brands, definitely the rising and the take-over of celebrity kids will be my top vote! First comes Jenner sisters. 23-year-old Kendall Jenner is the highest-paid model on Forbes 2018… Read more

  • Lessons I Get from Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Shows 2019春夏時尚週的小故事大啟示

    2018-10-09 by

    Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Weeks end through the closure at Paris. Among all, Paris Fashion Week to me is the most attractive and dazzling- there are mega-presentations especially out of the power affirmation from two conglomerates Kering and LVMH (Dior vs. Gucci on the opening of Paris Fashion Week; Celine vs. Saint Laurent later in the week). On… Read more

  • The Beauty of Imperfection 不完美之美

    2018-08-26 by

    Ever since I started my own styling business, I’ve received this same advice from different people. 在我開始自己的造型事業之後, 無獨有偶的從幾個互不相識的朋友那裡得到這個建議. “Try not to look always perfect. Most women don’t like to be served by a Ms. perfect!” A very wise girl friend said to me. “試著不要讓自己時時看來完美, 女人不喜歡有個完美小姐隨侍在側!” 一個素來以有洞察力著稱的女朋友這麼吿訴我. “Your words may not be convincing enough to clients if… Read more

  • Versatility 百變女王

    2018-07-15 by

    When I was little, being a theater actress was one of my dreams. How fantastic it is to live with different faces in such a short life- I was totally fascinated by this idea. 小時候 成為劇場演員是我諸多個夢想之一,  光想到在沈悶的日常中, 隨時有機會體驗扮演不同性格和命運的人物, 就讓我覺得興奮不已. Of course, as the years go passing by, I didn’t have my actress dream come true. Despite of… Read more

  • My Camino de Santiago 我的朝聖之路

    2018-05-19 by

    Before the Departure 行前 “You’re too slow!” my husband waved his head with a desperate look while we did our weekly hiking training. “That’d be a miracle if you survive from this tour.” my friend said it with a mischievous blink. “你速度太慢了!” 在一次我們例行的爬山訓練結束前, 我先生搖搖頭, 用一種絕望的眼神看著我. “如果你能在這次的朝聖之行活下來, 那可真是奇蹟囉.” 我朋友用半開玩笑的口吻這麼調侃我. This tour is one-of-the-kind to me in… Read more

  • Art Blossoms in Hong Kong 藝術點亮香港四月天

    2018-04-03 by

    What would you do while lacking of inspiration? 當缺乏靈感時你會怎麼做? That becomes my common challenge after I start my blog. For many fashion designers, visiting art exhibitions, galleries, museums is a common way out. Without having time to do so for inspirations, as shared by the famous fashion commentator Suzy Menkes, Raf Simons chose to exit Dior to… Read more

  • What I learn from 2018 Fall Winter Fashion Week 2018秋冬時裝秀另類觀點

    2018-03-10 by

    Cover photo credit: vogue.com What do you see during Fashion Weeks? Is it beautiful silhouette, the coming trend forecast (shopping guide) or celebrities in the first row?? To me, runway reflects the real, and possibly the most common, happenings in our daily life. Here are what I learn from this recent closed 2018 Fall Winter… Read more

  • My New Year’s Wish 新年新希望

    2018-02-11 by

    Something I love about new year since my childhood is to make new wishes. It feels like I have a chance to wash out those bad happenings in the past one year, and refresh myself like a new person in the coming year through this gesture. Lucky enough, we have Chinese New Year, which serves… Read more

  • Shanghai 上海雜記

    2018-01-27 by

    Shanghai always surprises me with new things every time I visit. The evolution of the city is similar to the appearance of those female pop stars nowadays- with the new technology, they just look differently each time, which is sometimes hard to keep up for outsiders. 每次造訪上海, 總是能讓我驚艷. 感覺上這個城市的演化就像現下女明星二次發育一樣, 每次見到, 樣貌都有些不同, 而且很難趕上她進化的速度. What are my… Read more

  • My Fashion Nostalgia: Part II 不了情: 第二部

    2018-01-07 by

    The designer is known for her steadfast refusal to work without a statement. This pop-art face Spring Summer 2014 collection is all about feminism: “I want to inspire women to struggle.” As usual, she shared this message through the expression in the art world. 這位設計師的作品以她一貫的批判色彩聞名. 2014春夏和諸多藝術家合作, 以普普和運動街頭風呈現的女性臉孔系列, 也不例外蘊藏設計師的訊息: “我想啟發女性發掘內在的力量, 無畏懼的戰鬥.” In my career, working for… Read more

  • My Fashion Nostalgia: Part I 不了情: 第一部

    2017-12-31 by

    What do fashion goods-bag, a scarf or a coat- mean to you? 對你而言, 一件時尚商品, 不管是一個包, 一條圍巾或一件外套代表什麼呢? Approaching the end of a year, I always feel an urge to clean up old stuffs in my wardrobe with new replacement.  However, there’s an untouchable corner in my wardrobe, in which stay some limited edition items with my… Read more

  • Unforgettable Charisma 風情萬種

    2017-12-17 by

    I just realized that I’ve spent a very french week last week! 暮然回首, 發現過去這一週我過得還挺法式的! First of all, I had a great salami-cheese-red wine evening with my french classmates talking about French songs, movies and culture. Prior to that, I saw three French movies during the Hong Kong French film festival. Like the storyboard or not,… Read more

  • It’s Cool to Fake It假的貴氣又時尚

    2017-12-11 by

    Despite of being an animal lover, I can still understand why some people fall in love with fur. A fur coat is warm, luxurious and gives an intimate feeling. With a general higher price point, it goes without saying that fashion world loves to use fur in their winter collection to achieve a bigger sales… Read more

  • Daydreaming 一場白日夢

    2017-11-25 by

    The world is very demanding It requires us to be logical be diligent be expressive be meaningful be successful be lovely be positive Well excuse me for my being so tired. And thus my daydreaming button is on 這個世界其實挺嚴酷 想生存其中 得懂得隨波逐流 要有邏輯要努力要懂得自我表達要有意義要成功要人見人愛要正面 呵 抱歉我累了 所以我進入白日夢模式 No boundary in this dream The existence needs no analysis… Read more

  • Between Effort and Effortless Style 心機時尚

    2017-11-19 by

    It has been easy to be seen stylish if one looks polished, elegant and on-trend. Nowadays, however, another subtle requirement appears to be stylish: the style must also seem effortless! 過去只要你的造型簡練, 優雅並走在時尚尖端, 就稱得上有型. 但現在, 對有型的定義多了一些要求, 那就是既要看來時髦, 還得不費力. So what does effortless style means? Here are some looks I find on the internet. Somehow the effortless… Read more

  • Ugly Chic 醜時尚

    2017-10-21 by

    I can still remember how my mom used to scold me for wearing red and green together. “It’s tasteless and cheesy,” she said. Indeed, there seems always a rule referring to being fashionable and beautiful. I have so used to these rules and applied them in my work, and passed them on to countless corporate… Read more

  • Check Please! 來點格紋吧!

    2017-10-08 by

    Plaid is always in style when it comes autumn. The checkered pattern has an even bigger, and more creative, come-back in this fall winter. They dominate the catwalk: 格紋一向帶有濃厚的秋冬味及復古感. 今年秋冬, 格紋強勢回歸, 全面攻佔時尚舞台, 各品牌幾乎都看到格紋設計: Take over the social media pages of celebrities and fashion bloggers: 格紋也在時序進入秋季之初,開始佔領了不少明星名人及時尚部落客的社交媒體版面: Not to mention that they are omnipresent now in all… Read more

  • My Minimalist Fashion Statement 我的極簡個性時尚

    2017-09-30 by

    The moment I hate myself the most of being a shopaholic always comes while moving apartment. Unfortunately, it happens to be a regular exercise living in Hong Kong as the rent often rises faster than one’s income. 讓一個購物狂最抓狂的時刻, 非搬家莫屬. 偏偏香港居大不易, 房租增長的速度永遠快過銀行戶口的數字成長, 因此搬家幾乎已成為家常便飯. I just had my house moving in the past week. Before settled in… Read more

  • Fashion Puss 時尚貓奴一籮筐

    2017-08-27 by

    I love cats. Everything with cats can easily put me on fire! 我是貓奴, 所以任何和貓有關的東西都很容易會讓我升火! What makes it worse is that, I have two cat daughters. Since cats start taking over the fashion industry since 2016, I am totally vulnerable to this trend as emotionally I fall so easily by linking those fashion cats with my… Read more

  • Pride and Prejudice in the Fashion Industry 時尚產業的傲慢與偏見

    2017-08-19 by

    I love fashion world for its dynamic creativity and infinitive possibilities. However, there are also certain things I cannot agree with in this industry. 我愛時尚產業無限的創意和活力, 但坦白說, 此產業有些現象也是我難以認同的. Arrogance and prejudice being one of the examples. Living and breathing in an industry dependent on spotlight, dazzling visual presentations and beautiful people, the insiders tend to scrutinize… Read more

  • Macau Cat’s Paradise 澳門貓樂園

    2017-08-04 by

    Lived in Macau for one year, if I have to name the most amazing place one has to see, definitely I will recommend Cat’s Paradise in Coloane! 我曾經在澳門短暫住過一年. 如果要我推薦什麼是澳門特有必看的地方, 我會推薦在路環的貓樂園! Cat’s Paradise is a cat shelter run by ANIMA.  This center is relocated the end of last year from ANIMA’s headquarter at Ko-Ho- the other… Read more

  • Something about Red Lips 紅唇二三事

    2017-07-28 by

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin Red lipstick is like magic wane to me. It makes me look glamorous when I am not;  it straightens my back on those bad hair days; it enhances my confidence when I come across difficult situations or tough people. It is the most powerful accessory for statement even to go… Read more

  • What to See in Fashion Shows? 時裝秀在看什麼?

    2017-07-23 by

    It seems that nowadays there are always fashion shows happening sometime somewhere! 現在似乎是個時裝秀氾濫的時代, 世界各地似乎隨時都有時裝秀在發生! What is on now is Haute Couture in Paris, before that it was a series of 2018 Cruise/Resort collections in May. These two are defined as in-season between the Fall Winter Fashion Weeks  (February/March) and Spring Summer Fashion Weeks (September/October) in… Read more

  • White Shirt Mania 白襯衫控

    2017-07-08 by

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin Can’t remember since when I start this obsession with white shirt! Maybe it all starts from those days when I had to travel big time. I love traveling light and thus something that could help me be versatile in all occasions becomes my first choice naturally. As white shirt yellows… Read more

  • Men Fashion: The Rising of Modern Dandyism 時尚潮男的崛起

    2017-06-24 by

    A while ago, I promised a male friend to write something about men’s fashion one day. To be honest, I am not an expert to men’s fashion. However, working in the fashion industry these years with many male tastemakers around, I am lucky to observe how they dress and accessorize themselves in a creative way.… Read more

  • street fashion

    Part II: What Is Your Personal Style? 你的個人風格是什麼?

    2017-06-18 by

    Few years ago, I interviewed a young girl for a merchandiser role in my team. She dressed decently like a normal office lady. I could tell that she’s quite intelligent and well-educated from her logical self-expression. However, at the same time, she also acted unconfidently by repeating to me that her weakness being “not fashionable… Read more

  • Part I: What is Your Personal Identity? 你的品牌風格是什麼?

    2017-06-10 by

    Recently a TV advertising attracts my eyes for its strong attitude and the message- say NO to ordinary.  Literally, I couldn’t move my eyes away while it’s on, and was so eager to find out what brand behind this ad is. 最近有個電視廣告很吸引我. 它傳遞了一種強烈的自主態度, 鼓勵向平凡說不. 第一次在電視上看到這廣告時, 我完全移不開我的眼光, 並急切想知道金主到底是哪個品牌. However, I got totally astonished- and perhaps felt… Read more

  • Less is More, More is Chic: 少即是多,多就是潮

    2017-05-25 by

    Last week in Hong Kong landmark, there was an exhibition to pay tribute to a 95-year-old lady, Iris Apfel, and her fashion collection. Iris Apfel doesn’t have professional background in the fashion industry at all. Being a businesswoman specializing in interior design, she takes fashion as a hobbit.  She buys clothes and accessories in her… Read more

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