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daddy style

Play with Contrast- let’s be rebellious! 運用衝突感, 來點小叛逆!

Recently Chanel launches a series of advertising campaign for its new Gabrielle bag, in which four celebrities are invited to interpret the connection with the bag in their own style. To be honest, I am not too impressed with either the bag or the series of ad- even though they are from the omnipotent Karl …


Less is More, More is Chic: 少即是多,多就是潮

Last week in Hong Kong landmark, there was an exhibition to pay tribute to a 95-year-old lady, Iris Apfel, and her fashion collection. Iris Apfel doesn’t have professional background in the fashion industry at all. Being a businesswoman specializing in interior design, she takes fashion as a hobbit.  She buys clothes and accessories in her …