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Pride and Prejudice in the Fashion Industry 時尚產業的傲慢與偏見

I love fashion world for its dynamic creativity and infinitive possibilities. However, there are also certain things I cannot agree with in this industry. 我愛時尚產業無限的創意和活力, 但坦白說, 此產業有些現象也是我難以認同的. Arrogance and prejudice being one of the examples. Living and breathing in an industry dependent on spotlight, dazzling visual presentations and beautiful people, the insiders tend to scrutinize …

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What to See in Fashion Shows? 時裝秀在看什麼?

It seems that nowadays there are always fashion shows happening sometime somewhere! 現在似乎是個時裝秀氾濫的時代, 世界各地似乎隨時都有時裝秀在發生! What is on now is Haute Couture in Paris, before that it was a series of 2018 Cruise/Resort collections in May. These two are defined as in-season between the Fall Winter Fashion Weeks  (February/March) and Spring Summer Fashion Weeks (September/October) in …

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Part I: What is Your Personal Identity? 你的品牌風格是什麼?

Recently a TV advertising attracts my eyes for its strong attitude and the message- say NO to ordinary.  Literally, I couldn’t move my eyes away while it’s on, and was so eager to find out what brand behind this ad is. 最近有個電視廣告很吸引我. 它傳遞了一種強烈的自主態度, 鼓勵向平凡說不. 第一次在電視上看到這廣告時, 我完全移不開我的眼光, 並急切想知道金主到底是哪個品牌. However, I got totally astonished- and perhaps felt …