Men Fashion: The Rising of Modern Dandyism 時尚潮男的崛起

A while ago, I promised a male friend to write something about men’s fashion one day. To be honest, I am not an expert to men’s fashion. However, working in the fashion industry these years with many male tastemakers around, I am lucky to observe how they dress and accessorize themselves in a creative way. …

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Part II: What Is Your Personal Style? 你的個人風格是什麼?

Few years ago, I interviewed a young girl for a merchandiser role in my team. She dressed decently like a normal office lady. I could tell that she’s quite intelligent and well-educated from her logical self-expression. However, at the same time, she also acted unconfidently by repeating to me that her weakness being “not fashionable …

Vanity Fair

Part I: What is Your Personal Identity? 你的品牌風格是什麼?

Recently a TV advertising attracts my eyes for its strong attitude and the message- say NO to ordinary.  Literally, I couldn’t move my eyes away while it’s on, and was so eager to find out what brand behind this ad is. 最近有個電視廣告很吸引我. 它傳遞了一種強烈的自主態度, 鼓勵向平凡說不. 第一次在電視上看到這廣告時, 我完全移不開我的眼光, 並急切想知道金主到底是哪個品牌. However, I got totally astonished- and perhaps felt …

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Play with Contrast- let’s be rebellious! 運用衝突感, 來點小叛逆!

Recently Chanel launches a series of advertising campaign for its new Gabrielle bag, in which four celebrities are invited to interpret the connection with the bag in their own style. To be honest, I am not too impressed with either the bag or the series of ad- even though they are from the omnipotent Karl …


Less is More, More is Chic: 少即是多,多就是潮

Last week in Hong Kong landmark, there was an exhibition to pay tribute to a 95-year-old lady, Iris Apfel, and her fashion collection. Iris Apfel doesn’t have professional background in the fashion industry at all. Being a businesswoman specializing in interior design, she takes fashion as a hobbit.  She buys clothes and accessories in her …