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Part II: Luxury Basic 第二部:簡單的好品味

If I have to name one fashion icon as contemporary ultra-influencer, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is clearly my first vote. 如果要我選一位最具影響力的當代時尚偶像, 我會毫不遲疑的投給薩克斯公爵夫人梅根. Meghan Effect 梅根效應 Since her wedding, the Duchess has created the “Meghan effect” not only on the fashion industry but also to consumers’ buying behaviour. Her style as Duchess well presents a …


Between Effort and Effortless Style 心機時尚

It has been easy to be seen stylish if one looks polished, elegant and on-trend. Nowadays, however, another subtle requirement appears to be stylish: the style must also seem effortless! 過去只要你的造型簡練, 優雅並走在時尚尖端, 就稱得上有型. 但現在, 對有型的定義多了一些要求, 那就是既要看來時髦, 還得不費力. So what does effortless style means? Here are some looks I find on the internet. Somehow the effortless …