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Versatility 百變女王

When I was little, being a theater actress was one of my dreams. How fantastic it is to live with different faces in such a short life- I was totally fascinated by this idea. 小時候 成為劇場演員是我諸多個夢想之一,  光想到在沈悶的日常中, 隨時有機會體驗扮演不同性格和命運的人物, 就讓我覺得興奮不已. Of course, as the years go passing by, I didn’t have my actress dream come true. Despite of …


Unforgettable Charisma 風情萬種

I just realized that I’ve spent a very french week last week! 暮然回首, 發現過去這一週我過得還挺法式的! First of all, I had a great salami-cheese-red wine evening with my french classmates talking about French songs, movies and culture. Prior to that, I saw three French movies during the Hong Kong French film festival. Like the storyboard or not, …