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When Fashion Becomes A Repetition 老調重彈的時尚

Upon looking at the fashion trend of this Autumn Winter, I notice something interesting. 這陣子在整理今年秋冬流行趨勢報告時, 我發現一件有趣的事. From the catwalk and fashion magazines, we see these elements being the top inspirations to lead the trend. 時尚伸展台及流行雜誌都告訴我們, 這是本季所有關心時尚的人, 需要注意的流行靈感和趨勢. 2019 Autumn Winter Fashion Trend 2019 秋冬流行趨勢 And these are the colours we need to invest in this …


The Small Flaws in Your Eyes Could Shine You in Life 你的氣場可能來自你眼中的小缺陷

A recent news triggers my thought. It’s a debate sparked by the Spanish fashion house Zara’s recent cosmetics campaign, in which Li Jingwen- one of China’s famous models- shows her non-retouched face with obvious freckles. This image is accused by some Chinese netizens of “uglifying China”. 最近有則新聞讓我相當有感. 幾個星期前西班牙快時尚品牌Zara發佈了彩妝品廣告, 裡頭起用了中國模特兒李靜雯疑似未經修片, 滿臉雀斑的形象照, 引發中國網民抗議辱華的言論. “They are discriminating Asians’ …


Versatility 百變女王

When I was little, being a theater actress was one of my dreams. How fantastic it is to live with different faces in such a short life- I was totally fascinated by this idea. 小時候 成為劇場演員是我諸多個夢想之一,  光想到在沈悶的日常中, 隨時有機會體驗扮演不同性格和命運的人物, 就讓我覺得興奮不已. Of course, as the years go passing by, I didn’t have my actress dream come true. Despite of …

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Part II: What Is Your Personal Style? 你的個人風格是什麼?

Few years ago, I interviewed a young girl for a merchandiser role in my team. She dressed decently like a normal office lady. I could tell that she’s quite intelligent and well-educated from her logical self-expression. However, at the same time, she also acted unconfidently by repeating to me that her weakness being “not fashionable …