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Versatility 百變女王

When I was little, being a theater actress was one of my dreams. How fantastic it is to live with different faces in such a short life- I was totally fascinated by this idea. 小時候 成為劇場演員是我諸多個夢想之一,  光想到在沈悶的日常中, 隨時有機會體驗扮演不同性格和命運的人物, 就讓我覺得興奮不已. Of course, as the years go passing by, I didn’t have my actress dream come true. Despite of …


Between Effort and Effortless Style 心機時尚

It has been easy to be seen stylish if one looks polished, elegant and on-trend. Nowadays, however, another subtle requirement appears to be stylish: the style must also seem effortless! 過去只要你的造型簡練, 優雅並走在時尚尖端, 就稱得上有型. 但現在, 對有型的定義多了一些要求, 那就是既要看來時髦, 還得不費力. So what does effortless style means? Here are some looks I find on the internet. Somehow the effortless …