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The Small Flaws in Your Eyes Could Shine You in Life 你的氣場可能來自你眼中的小缺陷

A recent news triggers my thought. It’s a debate sparked by the Spanish fashion house Zara’s recent cosmetics campaign, in which Li Jingwen- one of China’s famous models- shows her non-retouched face with obvious freckles. This image is accused by some Chinese netizens of “uglifying China”. 最近有則新聞讓我相當有感. 幾個星期前西班牙快時尚品牌Zara發佈了彩妝品廣告, 裡頭起用了中國模特兒李靜雯疑似未經修片, 滿臉雀斑的形象照, 引發中國網民抗議辱華的言論. “They are discriminating Asians’ …