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In the Mood for a Muted Autumn Winter 高級感秋冬時尚攻略

Maybe my recent trip to North Europe is too fantastic that my soul refuses to come back, or maybe the sudden rise of Morandi colours through a popular Chinese TV drama “Palace of YanXi” is too influential. All of the sudden,  I am so in the mood for the muted colour palette in this autumn! …

Vanity Fair

What I learn from 2018 Fall Winter Fashion Week 2018秋冬時裝秀另類觀點

Cover photo credit: What do you see during Fashion Weeks? Is it beautiful silhouette, the coming trend forecast (shopping guide) or celebrities in the first row?? To me, runway reflects the real, and possibly the most common, happenings in our daily life. Here are what I learn from this recent closed 2018 Fall Winter …